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Asamoah Gyan Denies All The Bad Press Related To His Purchasing Land For Constructing A Filling Station

Various rumors have been flying around that Asamoah Gyan purchased land in Nkrumah Circle. Gyan has shot down these rumors on social media and expressed his anger and sadness.

How Did The Rumors Start?

The international footballer minded his own business when he was dragged down and cursed. Gyan was a victim of false rumors which stated that the footballer had bought land, which is currently being used as a lorry station. When these lorry drivers heard the news, they grew worried and started protesting against Gyan. They claimed that they would fight him till the very end. They even requested President Akufo Addo to intervene and stop the sale.

How Did Asamoah Gyan Respond To The Rumors?

Once the rumors started spreading, Gyan’s manager stepped up and denied the story and said that Gyan has no idea where this land even is and that he had no plans to buy a property. His manager also stated that this was not the first time Gyan had been targeted like this. A while back, there were rumors that he had bought some land at a Race Course, which again agitated people. This rumor was also false. His manager assured the lorry drivers that the footballer would not be taking over their land.

Gyan also took to social media to express his opinion on the rumors. He posted a photo of the news about the protests and wrote a biting caption criticizing the press. He questioned the state of Ghana and was wondering what it had turned into. Moreover, he also claimed that journalists could not do their job properly anymore.

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Those journalists had written false stories about Gyan, and he did not take it lying down. Gyan felt that they were spreading rumors to get more views. Gyan stated that everything he earned today was through his efforts and hard work. And if they wanted to ruin his image, they had to try harder because God was on his side.

The footballer was saddened by the state of Ghana right now and felt let down. He probably hoped that more people would stand by the truth and not be deceived by the media, but the chances of that happening were slim. At least it’s all cleared up now.

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