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Anita Scott Encounters Her Ex-Husband NBA Star Bryan Scott In A New Season Of ‘Basketball Wives’ 

In the new season of Basketball Wives, there might be a change of faces. According to reports, Ogom “OG” Chijindu is getting fired from the show. There have many complaints made against her from coworkers as well as the crew. She even has an ongoing beef with co-star Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives. 

Ogom OG Chijindu Fired 

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The reason for the fight seems to be OG’s racist attitude. Rumors are swirling that she is unprofessional and rude to everyone on set. Some even went as far as to accuse her of displaying violent behavior. According to Bossip, OG “was constantly cussing out crewmembers for the most trivial things like cords being on the floor and in the way of her walking. Or not having her water room temperature.” 

Further adding, “She was telling crewmembers and show execs that she would like to be addressed as Princess because she’s better than everyone.” While we can’t confirm whether the firing allegations are true, another rumor is making it seem so. 

Bryan Scott’s Ex-Wife Anita On Basketball Wives? 

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This new rumor is hinting that Anita Scott might potentially replace OG in the new season. She is the ex-wife of retired NBA star Bryan Scott. Anita was recently seen with Basketball Wives stars Evelyn Lozada and Kristen Scott. This gave rise to the possibility of her appearance of the show. 

And should she join Basketball Wives, it will make for a very interesting season. The show will surely open up the can of worms that was her ex-marriage. Anita will have to spill the beans on her relationship. 

CeCe Rumoured To Be Bryan’s Mistress 

And she can finally address the cheating rumors. After her separation from the retired NBA athlete, people started speculating about the cause of the split. The most famous allegation is that Bryan Scott cheated on Anita. Who with, you ask? None other than another Basketball Wives star – CeCe Gutierrez. 

CeCe is of Asian heritage so she might be the Blasian woman who got in between the marriage. So now with Anita in the cast, there will surely be some drama that will unfold. We will get to the bottom of the CeCe allegations for sure.  


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