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$600,000 Of Cocaine Found Floating On A Sea, Police Still Cannot Find Its Actual Origin 

On a normal Sunday last week, a family was taking a stroll along the beach in South Carolina. They had come to Fripp Island to have a relaxing family holiday. However, a particular event made the trip more memorable than any before.  

$600,000 Of Cocaine Found 

This is because the Justus Holland family found a bag of cocaine estimated at half a million dollars that day. While the group was walking along the beach, they saw a mysterious object. This object was big and dark, floating in the sea. It was also pretty heavy, weighing around forty pounds give or take. They pulled the package out of the sea to check. 

And then the family just tossed it on their golf cart and drove away. After reaching their vacation home, they pulled up the package to check its contents. Only when they opened it up, they found 20 bricks. And when Justus Holland cut the bricks, a white powder seemed to cling to the knife. At that point, he knew that it was something more dangerous than a lost package. 

Police Started Investigation 

The family immediately called up the police to report the mysterious object. The police brought a test kit to check out what substance was indeed cocaine. And yes, it did turn out to be the lucrative drug. The authorities are still trying to find out where the drug came from. But they are guessing that the cocaine package probably floated away because of the Hurricane Dorian. 

Warned Civilians Against Opening Unknown Packages 

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Since this is a very rare occurrence, more investigations will be necessary to figure out the source and origin. The police also warned people of taking home and dissecting a foreign package. However, they still lauded the Holland family for approaching the police. Major Bob Bromage of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office talked to the media about this incident. 

I’m not going to criticize what they did,” said Bromage. “But we encourage people who find packages like this to call us first and let us investigate. There could have been any number of things in that bag that could have been dangerous.” 

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