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Singer Usher Notifies Mushy Instagram Post With His Mystery Girlfriend

It looks like Usher is finally taken. Read on to find out who the mystery woman might be.

Happy picture with new beau 

Photographer Jennifer Johnson posted a picture of Usher and his mystery woman on Instagram. In the picture, Usher is smiling from ear to ear as the lady kisses him on the cheek. The picture only displays the woman’s side profile and her identity is still unknown. The picture was taken backstage at a recent concert.

The singer-songwriter dressed casually in a white sweatshirt. He wore blue jeans and places several chains around his neck. His beautiful yet unknown companion was wearing a green jumpsuit. She carried a yellow sling bag from Burberry. Her hair was tied up in a neat bun.

Ladylove’s identity still unknown

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Although the identity of the lover-girl is unknown, there are a lot of speculations around the picture. Some pointed out that she resembles Ella Mai. A few others also think that the girl looks similar to Kehlani, Alicia Keys and Nelly Furtado among others.
Whoever the woman is, fans are thrilled to see that Usher has found love again. Further updates on who the woman is will be put up soon.

Marriage that didn’t last

Usher was earlier married to Grace Miguel. They stayed together for three years before calling off their marriage. The then couple announced their divorce in March of 2018. They issued a joint statement saying that they had mutually agreed upon the divorce after a lot of thought. They planned to remain deeply connected as loving friends. Moreover, they further added that they would continue to support each other in the coming phases of their lives. Their love for each other would only grow. There was no bad blood between them.
The official divorce papers were filed on the 28th of December. It was approximately nine months after they announced their separation.

Reason for divorce

While the exes didn’t specify the reason for their divorce, it was reported that they broke up because of different opinions about having children. Grace wanted to have children but Usher wasn’t open to the idea. They do not share any children. But usher has two children from his marriage with Tameka Foster.

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