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Man Killed His Disabled Roommate For No Reason, Dead Body Found 6 Years Later Within The Apartment Walls

A Californian man seems to have forgotten how to ‘love the neighbor’. In a well-hidden crime attempt, he had murdered his female roommate back in 2009. However, she remained missing and her body well hidden within the apartment walls. Due to a tip received by the victim’s family, the body could be found from their apartment.

Incident of 2009

Randolph E. Garbutt of Los Angeles shared an apartment with Raven Campbell. 31-year-old Campbell suffered from a developmental disorder. So in 2009, she was reported missing after leaving her Lomita, California apartment in June. Subsequently, while Garbutt moved out of the apartment, her whereabouts were left undiscovered.

Then a new family happened to move into the same place. However, the inhabitants and neighbors continuously complained of pungent smell. Therefore Campbell’s family received the tip that her body might be buried in the house itself.

Police investigation in 2015

Hence police acted on the tip and searched the apartment. They excavated the body from a closet behind some stairs of the apartment. Further by examination of the skull, it was discovered that she had blunt trauma injury to the head. Therefore six years after the crime, Garbutt was apprehended. Moreover, it was hypothesized that Campbell was hit with a hammer. However, Garbutt confessed that she had fallen and hit her head on the floor. But to prevent being blamed for injury he had suffocated her to death with a plastic bag.

Arrest and sentence

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So Garbutt was arrested by Los Angeles County police. Since February 2016 he has been behind bars. During his hearing last month Garbutt pleaded guilty to the felony of murder. The court sentenced him to 11 years in jail on Tuesday. However, the victim’s sister Cynthia felt that the sentence was unfair. She said that the sentence was very less compared to the crime.

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