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Mac Miller Murderer, Cameron Pettit, Chooses To Remain Shut And Pleads Not Guilty

Back in 2018, a man was arrested for providing fatal drugs to Mac Miller that killed him eventually. On Thursday, in federal court in Los Angeles, the suspect has pleaded not guilty. Moreover, Cameron Pettit opted to only answer the judge’s queries and forwarded his plea.

The mac miller murder case

Prosecutors in the Mac Miller murder case holds Pettit, 28, responsible for the death of their client. They claimed Pettit was the one who sold cocaine and opioid fentanyl pills to Miller. This exchange occurred two days before Miller died of an accidental overdose, forging their suspicion towards Pettit.

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Further, Pettit, who is from West Hollywood, has been held in custody since September 4th alongside two other suspects. If convicted, all of these suspects will face a minimum of 20-year prison time. Additionally, there is also a probability of a prison-sentence without parole.

Texts held as evidence

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Instagram messages were discovered wherein Pettit mentioned wanting to disappear from the country right after Miller’s demise. Subsequently, the judge took him under custody in fear of a flight risk. Besides, John D Robertson, the attorney of Cameron Pettit, has chosen not to comment outside court.

Withal, two more suspects, Stephen Walter, 46, of Los Angeles and Ryan Reavis, 36, of Lake Havasu City were handcuffed. Forbye, they were indicted on similar charges. Stephen is rescheduled to appear in court on October 31st. Reavis’s arraignment date remains unknown as of now. Neither of them has entered a plea.

Prosecutor’s stance on the case

The imputation mentions that Walter provided the fentanyl and cocaine to Pettit. Consequently, Pettit redirected them to Miller through Reavis. On September 5th, 2018, Cameron Pettit sold Xanax, Cocaine and 10 blue pills. Fentanyl was found in the blue ones in disguise of oxycodone. Furthermore, the deal was made a day before the supply.

The assistant of Miller found him unresponsive in his LA apartment on September 7th, 2018. Following this, he was declared dead. Malcolm James Myers McCormick, aka Mac Miller, was loved by his fans around the globe for his poetry style rap. Additionally, he stood among the best ones in the hip hop world.

“These defendants allegedly continued to sell narcotics after Mr. McCormick’s death with full knowledge of the risks their products posed to human life,” U.S. Attorney Nick Hanna stated. “We will continue to aggressively target drug dealers for the spread of this dangerous chemical,” Hanna added.

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