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Kylie And Travis Spotted In Maternity Ward Post Breakup, Chances Of Another Jenner Kid On The Way Rise

Amidst the Kylie-Travis break-off news, something fresh seemed to have caught someone’s head. Although there has been a lot of drama around this affair, it wasn’t difficult to shift one’s gaze. Rumour has it that someone has noticed what looked like Kylie carrying a ‘baby bump’.

Second baby or just illness

Harking back to the time when Kylie was suffering a ‘flu-like’ illness, TMZ’s report read she had to be hospitalised. Well, guess what? A woman in the maternity ward claims to have spotted the cosmetic mogul and American rapper in there. Now, the question pops of why would a flu-patient visit a maternity ward.

Another woman, an acquaintance of the witness, took to social media to spill the beans. “Right after my C section as I’m being wheeled to recovery we see Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott walk by us,” the message read.

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Furthermore, she burst every possibility of it happening due to other inconveniences. “There is no way they [doctors] would have let them into the high-risk halls of labour and delivery,” she wrote. “I think she is pregnant again,” she added. “And 1st trimester sick.”

Kylie wants to be a mother again

In not very old news, Stormi’s mother had given a few subtle signs of wanting to be a mother still. While a train named “Make Stormi Bigger Sis” is on the run, Kylie and Travis seemed to be on board. However, this breakup speculation tends to have called off the mission. But hope showed up in our eyes when they were spotted in the maternity ward.

Not even a few months back, Kylie Cosmetics businesswoman shared her feelings on conceiving again. An E! News source says she couldn’t stop talking about being a mother still. Moreover, Travis and Kylie had planned to have another child by next year.

She revealed wanting a daughter

Tracing back our steps to Travis’ birthday, we find Heather Sanders’ comment on Instagram. Kylie’s gal-pal Sanders commented, “Perfect Lil family now give Stormi a brother.” Kylie seemed to reply, saying “SISTER immediately”.

Adding back all the pieces together, we get a vivid picture of a Jenner kid on the way. Now or not, is something that stays unclear. But a baby is undoubtedly coming.

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