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Johnny Depp Claims That Amber Heard Cheated On Him With Elon Musk, Files A Subpoena Asking The CEO To Submit All His Private Chats With Ex-Wife

The SpaceX founder has been ordered to turn over his private messages with Amber Heard in Johnny Depp’s defamation case against the actress.

Things are getting messy

The Finding Neverland star had filed a subpoena asking Musk to submit all the communications he had had with Heard. Relating to her domestic abuse allegations.
Heard had alleged that Depp had been verbally and physically abusive while she filed for divorce in 2016.

Correspondence from on or around May 24, 2016, has been specifically requested since it is the day Heard claims Depp assaulted her. The Dead Man star had filed a $50 million lawsuit against Heard claiming that she had defamed him by writing that she was a domestic abuse survivor.

Though Heard never named him in the op-ed, Depp claims that it was pretty clear she was referring to him as their divorce was so public. This meant that he had been violent towards her, which he had vehemently denied, calling it a lie.

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Depp had alleged that Heard had been cheating on him with Musk throughout a huge part of their marriage.

Any ‘conversations, telephone calls, letters, emails, memoranda, reports, telegraphs, faxes, exhibits, drawings, text messages, and any other documents. Which confirm or relate to the written or verbal exchange’ is to be turned over.

Musk has also been asked to turn over all ‘electronic, digital, or any other recorded material whatsoever’.

Elon Musk has been ordered to turn over his private messages to Amber Heard in Johnny Depp's defamation case against the actress

Elon Musk visited Heard several times when she was married to Depp

Several witnesses testified that Musk had gone to the former couple’s home on the day of the assault. A security guard testified that the Tesla CEO had visited Heard several times a week at the penthouse before the alleged assault.

However, Musk had maintained that he didn’t get involved with Heard until after her divorce. His representatives said that they met very infrequently and the relationship didn’t become romantic until a while later. It is unclear if Musk will respond to Depp’s subpoena or if he intends to comply.

Musk has maintained that his relationship with Heard didn't begin until after she divorced Depp. The couple are pictured together in April 2017

Musk and Heard were first romantically linked in July 2016, a month before Heard’s divorce was finalized. They splint in August 2017 before rekindling their relationship a second time in January 2018. However, they broke up a month later.

Depp has claimed that the pair had begun seeing each other much earlier, about a month after their wedding in 2015.

Heard hopes to defeat her ex- husband’s allegations by proving that he’s an alcoholic who abused her. However, Depp had claimed that she was the violent one in their marriage. He had claimed that he had to surgically reattach his finger after she hurled a vodka bottle at him.

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