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Fan Trolled Zayn Malik For Sudden Bald Look, Says, “Clear State Of Depression”

While Zayn Malik prefers to spend his days away from the spotlight, his head made a surprise appearance. Apparently the singer has adopted a bald head for his new look. This news was weaned off when fans noticed the photograph shared by Trisha Malik on Facebook. Needless to say, many young hearts have been broken by the absence of his luscious locks.

Zayn’s mother posts photograph

In September Zayn’s mother, Trisha made an interesting post on Facebook. The photograph showed Zayn hanging with ex Gigi Hadid and his mother. Further, Zayn sported a fully shaved head. Immediately fans were crying foul and comparing him to a light bulb. Moreover, he got nicknames like Mr. Clean and Dr. Evil for the hairstyle. So to clear up his fan’s queries Zayn himself posted a selfie to his IG handle. In the photo, Zayn is seen in a Nike hoodie giving a sinister look at the camera.

Zayn reveals reason

While his fans grilled him online, paparazzi grilled him offline. So Zayn decided to appear in an interview with Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1. When asked about the reasons for the drastic makeover, Zayn had a pretty logical reason. He said that due to repeated bleaching his hairs had lost their quality. Hence he had to shave it all off to regrow them from their roots. But he asked his fans to not worry as his hair grows pretty fast. He even showed that he had a slight hair growth within two days. So we can trust Zayn’s Middle Eastern roots to soon grow a crop of beautiful hair.

Why the extreme bleaching?

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Zayn has experimented with his hairstyles a lot in recent times. He appeared in ex Gigi’s mother’s Instagram in August while celebrating Eid holiday. Before that, he had tried a blonde and pink dyed hair for Valentine’s Day look. Further down in 2015 he even sported a green head. Currently, the singer is celebrating the success of his album ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ with Sia. Moreover, he also released a collab song ‘Trampoline’ with indie-pop band Shared. In short, hair or not Zayn is still hot and happening.

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