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Drunk, 23, Dutch Actress Allegedly Bitten Her Fellow Passenger To The Extent, That Left Women With The Permanent Scar Meanwhile Got Several Tetanus Injections 

A model and actress pulled her friend’s hair and bitted other women after having a huge party, which the women got several tetanus injections and couldn’t feel her leg for some time.

Was She Drunk Or Having Mental Illness

The jury says that the incident happened at the train station on August 18. Where the model is coming from the Newbury racecourse where she and her friends had a great party.

Eliza Peereboom, 23 who she is sitting in the dock suddenly bit the fellow passenger in the railway station. According to the reports, the woman named Gabrielle Marabet left with the permanent scar and taking tetanus injections from then. Where she also pulled Clara Jones and Nicole Deadfiled’s hair in the movement. She appeared for sentencing for the crime at Reading crown court. She also took out Advocate Thomas Quinton after she is mistreated in the court. He referred her to court saying that she is doing all the best she can do. Mostly her focus is about to feel some value. After some hours, he came to the court saying that the model is not talking and answering to him after how he introduced her to the court.

Eliza Peereboom, 23, (pictured) dramatically sacked her barrister today when she appeared for sentencing over a leg biting incident on a train from Newbury on August 18 last year

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So, he added to the court saying that he is leaving the case, and Kate Parker will be taking the case after all the drama cases started with the leg bitting accident. Judge Sara Campbell invited Witness Gabrielle Marabet to take the stand. 

Eliza Peereboom (pictured) had been travelling home from celebrating at Newbury racecourse when she bit the leg of another passenger - causing a permanent scar and leaving her needing tetanus jabs

Estate Agency

She is a 25-year-old estate agency and presently studying business management. “I was super tired after having a busy day with dancing and chatting. So I also slept on the train where we set to Oxford” she told the judge. She also added that she went tor roaming in the alley where I was kicked and grabbed my hair by the girl. She was also bitten above knees for about 15 seconds. Her friends also told their stories when she shouted at him. While bumping at her and pulled their hair up to ankles.

Did She Defend Herself

Finally, After seeing CCTV footage at the railway arena judge asked for a final statement. When the model said that she is a sober person. So, she got irritated after how she was treated in the party by her friends” I was emotion, and the party was the culprit here.”


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