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After Killing 22 People In El Paso Walmart Mass Shooting, Suspect Shooter Pleaded Not Guilty In Court

A Texas man who allegedly killed 22 people in a mass shooting, pleaded not guilty at court today.

What Happened When He Came To Court Today?

Patrick Crusius, the alleged shooter, showed up in court today wearing a dark blue suit paired with a white shirt. The whole court session barely lasted three minutes. He had apparently, waived the reading of his indictment and promptly pleaded not guilty before leaving the courtroom.

People who were attending the court session were shocked by his plea. Among the people present, there was a delegation from the Mexican Consulate. This was a priority case considering eight Mexican citizens were killed in the attacked, and most of the victims of this mass shooting had Hispanic last names. After this surprising turn of events, the court was asked to remain quiet and warned not to create a scene.

What Happened Before This Hearing?

Crusius had previously confessed to having opened fire at the Walmart store on August 3. He had allegedly confessed to the police that he was the shooter when he surrendered himself. Sources also said that Crusius claimed that his targets for the shooting were Mexicans. So, it would obviously, come as a shock when the person who had already confessed is now inverting black from white.

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What makes this plea even more ridiculous, is that there were almost 2000 people who witnessed Patrik Crusius walking into the store, taking out the gun, and start shooting people left and right. After he had satisfied his thirst for blood, he fled the scene in his car only to later surrender himself to the police and confess to hid crimes.

In a small city like El Paso, there are only about 700,000 people, so almost everyone knew at least one person who was affected by this shooting. Even the first judge assigned to the case had to recuse herself because she knew one of the victims. And the lead prosecutor’s sister was there in Walmart at the time of the attack, and thankfully, nothing happened to her. So, this was a case that everyone had their eye on because it was personal.

What Will Happen To Crusius Now?

As of now, Crusius is charged with capital murder and is being held in jail without bail. The prosecutors have revealed that they will be fighting hard for a death penalty. According to sources, the federal officials are treating this case as domestic terrorism. The sentence is not out yet, so we will have to wait and hope that justice will be served.

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