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37-Year-Old Man Caught Raping A 4-Year-Old In McDonald’s Washroom, Handcuffed And Put Behind Bars

While no place deems safe for women, the public place gets added to this list. A 4-year-old child was allegedly molested in a public washroom. The shameful incident occurred in Mc Donald’s in Midwest City. 37-year-old man, Joshua Kabatra has been arrested now.

Heinous set of events

On July 18, a Daycare facility took a bunch of kids to an Oklahoma Mc Donald’s. When a 4-year-old visited the washroom of the eatery, a man followed her. After the girl was gone for a while, the Daycare employees decided to check on her.

Upon their arrival, they found the door was locked. A few moments later, a man replied from behind the door. Subsequently, walking out of the loo, he said, “I was just washing my hands.”

The girl’s reply gave everyone the shock of their lives

While other kids shy away from accepting they have been molested, today’s victim didn’t. On being asked about whether she was touched inappropriately by the man, she nodded a ‘yes’. Moreover, the girl kid also pointed towards the genital areas in reply.

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Midwest City Police Department Chief Brandon Calebs expressed how disturbed he felt. “It’s just a horrific situation for any parent, a nightmare for any child and certainly for a daycare,” he said. Furthermore, he denied all claims of the fault inclining towards the daycare’s irresponsibility. “At this point, nothing is indicating the daycare workers did anything wrong,” he expressed. “They were supervising the children – the only person who did anything wrong is our suspect,” Calebs added.

Joshua Kabatra’s side of the story

While the suspect had a completely different alibi at first, he seemed to have confessed his crime later. Kabatra’s previous statement mentioned he only entered the washroom to puke. According to his alibi, Joshua was sick and got into the loo to throw up. After this, he washed his hands and left the washroom.

Later, however, when he got tired of creating false stories, Kabatra decided to confess. So, he accepted molesting the 4-year-old. The 37-year-old suspect has been charged with a count of first-degree rape by instrumentation. Alongside, two counts of lewd, indecent or lewd acts with a child under 16 charges are being held against him. He remains in Oklahoma County Jail as of now.

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