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17 Bullets Fired At 5 Men Playing A Game Of Dice In The Middle Of The Night, Police Say Motive Cannot Be Identified

In the dark of the night, five men were shot at a courtyard in Queen Village. The police believe that the shooting happened in the middle of a game of dice.

Shooting takes place without confrontation

According to the police, a car pulled up on the block 900 of 5th and Carpenter street, shortly before midnight on Thursday. Reportedly, a passenger and the driver got out and began firing into a courtyard. It is believed that at least 17 rounds were fired.

Christine Coulter, Philadelphia Police Commissioner, said the preliminary information is that the men were playing a game of dice when it all started.

Coulter said, “The people at the hospital just said they were gambling when someone pulled up and started shooting.” The men didn’t say that there wasn’t anything that happened earlier in the night to bring about the shooting.

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Real-time crime cameras recorded the vehicle pulling up to the street about 11:55 p.m. Coulter said that the video doesn’t show any confrontation taking place. This makes it hard to pinpoint the motive of the crime. The victims only reported that the attackers got out of the car and started shooting. Some victims reportedly returned fire.

Victims are in a stable condition

The victims were in the age range from 19 to 57. They suffered arm and leg injuries.
Two of the victims were taken to Jefferson hospital an the other three to Penn. The injuries are said to be non-life-threatening, and the victims are all in stable condition.

A neighbor said that the men played the game all the time. The police are yet to establish the connection regarding this information and the shooting.

The police are looking for an older model, dark-colored car which fled the scene.

The scene was littered with 17 spent shell casing from shots fired. A bullet had also shattered the glass on one of the cars and damaged its body, which was parked in the courtyard.

Philadelphia is considered to be one of the most dangerous big cities in the United States. It has a murder rate of 21.5 per 100,000 people.

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