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Drake’s Father Claims “Look What You’ve Done” Has Been A Lie, Shocks The Crowd.

Our very own, Drake, had a lot to say about his dad in his latest song. Dennis Graham, however, denied all claims about being an “absentee father”. Not only that, but he also proclaimed that Drake used this promotional technique to sell his records. And, Drake seems a little “hurt” by his dad’s denial.

Lyrics and dad and his side of the story

Nobody, who has heard Drake’s songs, can ever say his childhood has been a happy one. Although he has written quite a lot on his family, the one that stands out is “Look What You’ve Done”. The lyric of this song goes somewhat like,

“And my father living in Memphis now,
he can’t come this way
Over some minor charges and child support
That just wasn’t paid, damn
Boo-hoo, sad story — Black American dad story.”

Moreover, he also turned up in HBO’s The Show last year and disclosed a few things about his parents. “I was hard on my parents for giving me this sort of childhood,” Drake opened up. “Multiple times, I suggested that they could have done a better job at co-parenting, sticking together, not being so divided.”

Father Dennis’ assertion

The doom of Drake’s propagative stunt started when his father showed up in Power 106’s Nick Cannon Mornings. Revealing what he felt about Drake’s new album, he debunked all the false accusations thrown at him. “I talk to him if not every day, then every other day,” he asserted. Opening up about his confrontation with his son about the travesty, he quoted the conversation that happened between them. According to Dennis, on being asked about it, Drake replied saying “Dad, it sells records”. No doubt it does!

Drake’s reaction to his dad’s secret-slamming

On the next day of the air of the show, an Instagram story popped up in Drake’s account. In the write-up, he expressed how “hurt” he was. Post the incident; he didn’t back out from explaining his stance. “My father will say anything to anyone willing to listen to him,” he wrote in it.

Furthermore, he mentioned, “It’s sad when a family gets like this, but what can we do.” Clarifying his side of the story, he said: “every bar” he has ever thrown has been nothing but pure. Winding up his explanatory statement, he wrote that “truth is hard for some people to accept”. We can see that, Drake! We don’t know whose side of the story is right. So, I’ll go and update my Drake playlist while you figure it out.

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