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Arkansas Women Arrested For Exporting Meth By Posing Like A Bow Shaped Hair Clip.

Arkansas women arrested for exporting drugs with a posed standard hair clip. Firstly she got detained by the speeding vehicles then her secret export business is revealed.

How Did Police Find The Meth?

On Sept 24 woman named Jessica Kropp, 38 travelling in the city of Flippin which is 100 miles northeast of Fayetteville. She is travelling in a Dodge Neon. Around 6.40 pm, she is stopped by Flippin police officer Kenneth Looney for expired tags and registration. But she didn’t stop after police calls too. According to Looney, she tried to drive to another neighborhood before pulled over by us. 

After pulling over she was asked about her licenses and vehicle id by police. But she simply told them that her driving license is suspended by police because she is in part of some speeding issues.  Baxter bulletin reveals that she doesn’t have any insurance on car because she is borrowing her car so she is not aware of the registration place. Looney learned from her history that she five valid warrants, and she is also arrested in four Arkansas counties. She has failed to pay a fine for one of the permits and four failures to appear warrants. So, looney ordered her to step down from the vehicle to arrest her. At the same time, he observed a peculiar hair clip on her head. “Are you freaking kidding me?. You are carrying meth in your little bow-shaped hair clip” looney asked her

What Did She Confess

But she didn’t accept the mistake. “I am surprised. I don’t know how this thing attached to my hair; seriously, someone put this thing,” she said. She refused to car towed as innocent and to leave her. Police started checking her car for more meths. And they found multiple bags with meth and drug paraphernalia with a two vape pen filled with THC oil and meth. Marion county sheriff’s office says that Looney found her with little meth bag, which is shaped like a bow with a rubber in the middle of it. And arrested her 7.22 pm with a $22,530 bond. She is charged seven cases for driving with a suspended license, possession of methamphetamine.


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