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Teen Shot On Head While Left Dead, By Her Jealous Classmates, Miraculously 8 Hours Later Cops Found Girl Alive, Rarely Surviving The Head Shot

People say that if you haven’t done anything wrong, you will not be affected by the situation. The same thing happened with Utah girl. In 2017 Deserae Turner was shot by her classmates and left dead. But she is found by police after eight hours police found her in a paralyzed situation and rushed her into the hospital. She has been alive, but she went to ten significant surgeries. After all these things she is crowned as the Homecoming Queen by her fellow students

Why Her Classmates Want Her Dead?

Turner has been friends with everyone in school and her teachers praised her saying that she is a dedicated student. However, being good is not always a good option for some people. Colyer D. Peterson and Jayson Decker are also the classmates of Turner. According to reports Turner and Peterson used to chat in social media itself. On Valentine’s Day in 2017 Peterson and Decker want her to be dead. So, they thought of a plan to kill her in the dry island where no one can see them. As in the program, Peterson messaged her to come to the dry, isolated island, which is located right behind the high school in Smithfield. The location is 90 miles from salt lake city. 

As she came, they shot her in the head and run away fastly, thinking she is dead. It was Peterson who shot her with the side of Decker. After two years from there, she went of 13 surgeries, out of 10 they were to the only brain. As her left part of the body became inactive after the incident but now seems fine. 

How Did She Felt After Becoming Homecoming Queen?

However, she was over the sky. She felt thrilled even she said:” I feel like Cinderella.” This Friday, the 17-year girl crowned as Homecoming Queen by her classmates for her bravery after the accident. She walked along with her father wearing a tiara and a beautiful blue dress in the football field of Green canyon high school. 

Moreover, she took to Facebook to express her happiness and thanked all the people cheering for her. Her mother April Turner told the media that she cried happy tears after a long time. She added that her daughter needed to go more surgeries, but today, she is so glad to see her as a typical teenager. Both Peterson and Decker were Sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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