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Medical Student Donates Sperm For Research, But After 30 Years Discovers That He Is A Father Of 17 Kids

Bryce Cleary is suing the Oregon Health and Science University for 5.25 million dollars.

Five to seventeen

Bryce Cleary donated his sperm in 1989 after he was promised that only five offspring would be born. He was a medical student at Oregon back then. The university assured him that the children would be taken on the other side of the country. But according to some recent news, the clinic allowed the birth of 17 kids from the sperm of Bryce Cleary. As a result, Bryce Cleary is planning to sue the university, claiming that they had promised him that women on the East Coast would only use his sperm. According to the lawsuit results, most out of the 17 children were born in Oregon itself. Some of the children even went to the same schools, church, unaware of the fact that they were half-siblings.

Emotional distress

Cleary claims that he is a victim of fraud and has suffered extreme emotional pain because of the same. In a press conference, he said that he wanted to help those with infertility. He had complete trust in OHSU for honest and responsible conduct about the proceedings. A spokeswoman from OHSU noted that the University treats every case with the gravity that it deserves. She further added that they couldn’t comment on the situation because of patient confidentiality obligations. Cleary found out through Ancestory.com that 17 offspring took birth from his sperm.

Misconduct by OHSU

Cleary said that he knew something was wrong as soon as he saw the matches. Four instant matches quickly escalated to seventeen.

Allysen Allee, 25, who was conceived with Cleary’s donated sperm, said that “It feels like OHSU didn’t take into consideration the fact that they were creating humans.” She went on saying that they were reckless and it seemed like it was just numbers and money to them. Cleary decided to donate his sperm after the hospital’s fertility clinic encouraged him and some of his classmates to do so for a research initiative. He alleges that the hospital assured him that his sperms would only be used for research purposes and fertility treatments.

The facility didn’t maintain any records of where and when the sperm was sent. It was probably also used outside of the state and region. Therefore, it is impossible to discover how many children took birth from the Plaintiff’s donation reside in Oregon, the United States, and the world.


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