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Post Malone’s Jaw dropping Reaction For A Girl Fan Flashing Her Breast, Goes Viral

Post Malone has been immortalized into a meme thanks to his priceless reaction during his concert in Minnesota.

What Happened At The Concert?

Last week in Minnesota, Post Malone had a very memorable concert, so significant that it’s been made into a meme. This 24-year-old rapper was performing at the venue when a woman in the crowd, right in front of him, flashed him. She just cooly lifted her shirt and shot her breasts at him. When he noticed this fan, he was stunned. This expression of his was tactfully captured on camera by another concert-goer who saw what was going on. This genius fan posted this photo of Post Malone on Twitter, where it went viral. Post Malone’s priceless look of disbelief, complete with a gaping mouth, has now become a meme.

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Yes, people, Post Malone has officially become immortalized as a meme. There’s no going back now. There have been endless memes coming out using that photo, to the point that it’s almost becoming old.

What Are Some Of The Memes Floating Around On Twitter? 

Well, most of them have a Me above Post Malone, and then change up the context. Netizens can’t get enough of it. In one post, it says, me, with that expression, and compared it when they see any random dog. The phrase itself is very versatile. It can be used to show shock, disbelief, wonder, etc. So people have gone wild with their renditions of the meme. There was even someone who used the meme to reference the meme, which means the reaction was compared to whenever the person saw the meme.

There was also someone who cared his expression to that of the little orange thing from “Horton Hears A Who,” strangely, their feelings do look similar. One netizen even though that this photo could be used as cover art for his single Wow.

Though the memes are all the rage right now, some people felt that it was getting old. They seemed pretty much fed up with the meme. There was one netizen who seemed so fed up that he took to Twitter to repost the meme and say, “Ok, we get it.” However, it looks like it will take a bit more time for all this craze to die down. Till then, you can either join in on the meme fest or watch the craziness from the sidelines.

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