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Buffalo Bills Fan Arrested, Just After He Attempted To Kill 3 Patriots Fan In Parking Lot Fight

In a tale as old as time, there have always been disputes between loyal fans of American football. And the fans of New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills have a historic rivalry. It starts from way back in the sixties and continues to this day. Now, another incident has occurred to cement the two groups as nemeses.

A Florida Man Assaulted A Group Of Three Men

This Sunday, a Florida man got into a fight with three people at a Bills game. And these three people were, in fact, fans of the rival group Patriots. The man from Florida assaulted the Patriot fans so severely that one of them got unconscious. Two of them needed medical attention at the scene. And the third was escorted to the hospital for emergency care.

Police Have Arrested The Man With the Help Of A Drone

Because of this, the Erie County Sheriffs has now arrested the man. He goes by the name of Kevin Lopez and has been charged with third-degree assault. Lopez is being held in jail without bail. The police had to use a drone to catch him. He will appear in Orchard Park Town Court. They did so by matching the description of the Florida man. Lopez was wearing a blue wig with a Bills tank top. The victims gave a sketch of him to the authorities. Then they used a drone to find him in the crowded bar.

According to the report by the Eerie County Sheriff: Sheriff’s Aviation Unit, Air-1, assisted in searching for the subject. The unit located an individual matching the description of the offender at an establishment at the corner of Abbott Road and Southwestern Boulevard.

Another Florida Man Created Trouble At A Bills Game Last Year

And this incident is not the first time a Florida man has started some trouble. Back in last year, another man created a riot at a Bills game. He threw a dildo on the field in front of all the spectators. Eventually, he was arrested by the police. They found the fan in New Era Field. He was outside of a bar when authorities caught him.

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