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Soon After Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Release Date Leaked, Fans Are Apprehensive About His Career After He Rats Out Fellow Rappers

Tekashi has been in the news for the highly controversial trial in which he had named fellow rappers as Bloods. His involvement with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods Gang has been a topic of much discussion.

Tekashi is expected to be released soon

Initially, the rapper was sentenced to 32 years of prison time, but according to the latest resources, he might be released earlier than that. While fans are thrilled at the news, the same can’t be said of his fellow rappers. Tekashi had named many famous names in hip hop as Nine Trey members, and this hasn’t sat well with them. To get a lighter sentence for the charges against him, Tekashi had agreed to cooperate with federal authorities. He had testified against the gang as the prosecution’s star witness, naming fellow rappers as gang members.

The 23- year old accused Jim Jones to be affiliated with the Nine Treys and had released audio against him to prove the same. The accusation was found to be false later. Jones’ representative had not responded to the indictment yet. He had also named Cardi B, saying “I knew who she was. I didn’t pay attention to.” Suggesting that she was involved in the gang since her teenage years. Cardi had previously spoken about her gang affiliations before in a profile by former GQ writer Caity Weaver.

She had said that she joined the gang, adding that “You don’t leave.” However, a representative for Cardi. Had been told that Tekashi’s accusation is not valid. Cardi herself responded to the allegation by posting the Keke Palmer meme in which she says, “Sorry to this man.” Cardi had tweeted that she was associated with a different set of Bloods called Brim, not Nine Trey. The tweet was later deleted.

Rapper’s future unknown

After the rapper’s testimony, fellow rappers Meek Mill. And Snoop Dogg criticized him on social media for out the gang members. Reports of Tekashi being released started circulating since his girlfriend posted a picture with him with #FreeDany written in the caption. How he is going to survive in the industry after his release is something that will remain unknown until he comes out. However, Tekashi expects his popularity to rise because of the controversial trial.

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