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49-Years-Old Murderer Fooled The Prison Authorities Once Again, Escaped Arkansas Slammer

Back in 2009, prison inmates Calvin Adams and Jeffrey Grinder planned a daring escape. And they succeeded too but were caught again. Now, after ten more years of prison time, convict Adams is missing from jail again. This time guards do have an idea how.

Convicted Murderers Calvin Adams And Jeffrey Grinder Successfully Escaped From Prison In 2009 Wearing Guard Uniforms

But first, how did they escape from prison in the first place? In the Cummins Unit of the East Arkansas Regional Prison, inmates were given the job of sewing guard uniforms. Adams and Grinder took advantage of this loophole.

What they did was steal two of these uniforms for themselves. On May 29, 2009, both convicts went out of the barricade. After that, they got a car from the prison’s parking space and drove away.

Both Murders Were Caught After Their Escape And Put Back In The Slammer With Six Additional Years Of Jail Time

Fortunately, the duo was caught a few days later in New York, and they were back in prison. But this escape led to some changes in the Arkansas prison. For example, the sewing facility in the Cummins unit was closed down.

Also, several of the guards on duty that day were either fired or reprimanded. The escapees themselves got an additional six years added to their jail time. But both already had a life sentence without parole for capital murder.

49-Year-Old Murderer Adams Has Escaped From The Arkansas Prison Again

And now after a decade, Adams has tricked the system again. The 49-year-old convict is nowhere to be found among the 1650 prisoners in the Arkansas slammer. The officials are still figuring out where he could have possibly disappeared to.

In their words, “We are going from two fronts … one that he’s laid down somewhere on the grounds and one that says he got out and is running.”

Adams is serving a life sentence without parole. Police caught him in 1995 for the kidnapping and murder of Richard Austin. The wounded wife walked a long way to get help for her husband, and eventually, authorities caught Adams.

Hopefully, the murderer gets caught again by the authorities.


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