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Best Browsers For Android TV

Usually, Android TVs does not come with a web browser installed so more often than not you need to install a good quality web browser for doing all the browser related tasks. Hence if you search on the Internet you will come across a number of web browsers with similar or different features.

Although there are various browsers which are quite appropriate with the Android technology, but each differs on various levels of speed, data saving, and is light weight with respect to memory consumption so it is often confusing for you to opt for the most effective web browser. Therefore, in this article, we will show you the top five superfast browsers for Android TV.

Browsers are one of the essential apps for Android TV or Android Box to surf any information directly. Also, a web browser let’s you download anything on your device.

5 Superfast Browsers for Android TV

Opera Mini

Although Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox steals all the popularity due to their multiple features but Opera has been quietly gaining popularity over the last two decades. Opera Mini is the Android version of the Opera browser that mainly focuses on data conservation.

Opera Mini generally helps you to save a huge amount of data through data compression. So we can say that this browser is mainly designed for that category of people who are on a limited data plan.

Moreover, if you have unlimited gigabytes to burn, Opera Mini can still speed up your browsing experience significantly. We will recommend you to use this browser as your primary Android TV browser as it is lightweight and fairly simple to handle due to its user-friendly interface.

The most essential point regarding this browser is that it is free and hence you can download Opera Mini from the Google Play Store directly.

Puffin Web Browser

You can be assured of the fact that this browser is one of the best browsers for your Android TV. According to developers of Puffin Web browser, you will not prefer any other browser after using this browser.

Although Puffin Web browser is not incredibly fast as some of the other browser like opera or Chrome but still you will be able to perform all the major tasks.

This Android TV web browser generates speed by routing all traffic through the cloud, as well as using a proprietary data compression algorithm. Usually, Puffin browser can save up to 90% of the data normally consumed while browsing. Moreover, as an additional feature Puffin Browser also supports flash.

The only negative aspect of Puffin Web browser is that you face a large number of annoying ads while browsing through the free version of this browser. The ads can be intrusive and often can crowd the user interface, resulting in interrupted experience. However, this browser has a paid version as well which is devoid of all the annoying ads.

UC Browser Mini

UC Browser is one of the most popular browsers with over more than 500 million users.  However, most of its users are from China. UC Browser Mini is the Android version of UC Browser which is suitable for all Android devices including Android TV.

UC Browser utilizes advanced technologies like cloud acceleration and data compression to make webpages load faster. This browser sends traffic through the UC servers which act as a proxy and then compresses and renders webpage data before sending it back to you.

UC Browser Mini operates with the same technology although UC Browser Mini includes only the core features of UC Browser. Still UC Browser Mini is very effective as this app is much lighter, weighing almost less than 3 MB.


Dolphin Browser is a fantastic browser which is highly preferred by most of the Android users. You will generally prefer Dolphin browser over most of the other web browser due to its seamless functionality.

Apart from its seamless functionality, this browser even has a user-friendly interface as it comes with excellent gesture controls. Another attracting feature of this web browser is that it has the capacity to support some good-old Flash player which proves that it has the capacity to keep up with current technology.

Dolphin is the perfect browser for you if you prefer to surf the Internet with all the unique and useful features like sidebar, Ad Block, incognito browsing, tab bar and also Adobe Flash player for Android. His is an absolutely free web browser which you can easily download from the Play Store.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most used and trusted browsers for all Android devices including Android TV. It is considered to be the fastest web browser for Android TV Box and is also well-integrated with any smartphone and Android Smart TV that uses Android OS.

When you use this browser on your Android TV, you can use built-in data saver function from Chrome to reduce the amount of data consumed while browsing. Chrome has a clean a user-friendly interface so you will be able to use this web browser without facing any issue even if you are using this browser for the first time.

Few other essential features of Google Chrome include a seamless Google Voice Search along with Google Translate options.

When compared with other browsers, although Chrome may not offer much lightweight experience but this browser has an Android version which you can use to get a lightweight experience.


Hence we have discussed about the top five superfast browsers for Android TV. It is advisable to go through this article so that you can select the best browser for Android TV and eventually you will be able to get a high-quality Android TV experience.

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