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Millionaire’s Death Gives Rise To Dispute As Wife Loses Out On $3 Million And Ex-Girlfriend Of 50 Years Gets $18 Million In The Will Amended At The Last Minute

You can always expect some controversy around a millionaire. And when it involves his death and will, the discussion is doubled. Usually, it is the family members wrestling for a piece of the assets. Lawsuits are flying everywhere and accusations left to right.

Manhattan Millionaire Dies Leaving A $60 Million Estate

Which is sort of what happened in the case of Louis Srybnik’s death? He was a New York businessman who passed away at the ripe old age of 91. But before dying, he had amassed a considerable wealth of $60 million. This hefty dough was because of his two successful companies. Louis started Life Science Advances Inc. and Premier Atlantic Properties with his older brother Simon Srybnik.

Court Case Between Wife And Ex-Girlfriend Of The Businessman About His Will

But now after the business mogul’s death, there seems to be a war ongoing for his wealth. And the two contenders are his wife Caroline and ex-lover Darby MacFarlane. According to Caroline Srybnik, she was supposed to get $3 million upon his death. She said that Louis formally instructed it in his will. But, that wasn’t what transpired. And Mrs. Srybnik is accusing her husband’s ex-girlfriend Darby Macfarlane for the slight. Caroline claims that MacFarlane deliberately manipulated her husband before his death. The ex-lover made sure to make the brothers think she was indispensable to them. “She inserted herself into their business and personal lives and convinced the brothers and their wives that they needed her ‘assistance’ and ‘protection,'” Caroline claims in Manhattan court.

$18 Million Donated To Charities Controlled By Ex-Girlfriend Darby MacFarlane

So much so that MacFarlane became co-executor of Mr. Srybnik’s will and removed Simon Srybnik from the position. Also, she is said to have donated $18 million of Srybnik’s assets to her charities. This large portion includes the $3 million that Caroline claims was supposed to be hers.

Another Lawsuit Filed; This Time By MacFarlane At Caroline

However, Darby MacFarlane has fired back at her with a separate lawsuit. This one claims that Caroline has inappropriately withdrawn around a million dollars from the Srybnik estate. According to the case, Mrs. Srybnik alleges that Caroline used the money for her expenses.

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