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Fitness Influencer, Actress Gianna Sciortino Loses Over 120 Lbs By Gastic-Sleeve Surgery, In Just 10 Months.

In just 10 months, 22-year-old Gianna Sciortino went from 238lbs to 112lbs. After having a gastric sleeve surgery, she literally dropped half her weight. Since she had been battling with PCOS for a long time, it was way harder for her to lose weight. However, now that she is through her dramatic and glamorous transformation, her career might re-start. She has now become a successful influencer. She also has boosted her following on Instagram by 15,000. She had been attempting to lose weight since past four years. She believed it hampered her success in the entertainment business. But now, there is no stopping her.

The Glamorous Transformation

Gianna won the liberating lead role Tracy Turnblad. She defied stereotypes as an obese teen dancer. All the time, people just taunted her with ‘nice job for a big girl’. It was completely overshadowing her talent in the entertainment industry. Even after she completed her run in John Waters-inspired musical in a Bay Ridge theater, she wasn’t accepted. She started feeling very frustrated and was scared constantly. She thought she would never get a role after Turnblad, as a 19-year-old. She told The Post that when she stepped on the scale and saw the number 240, she nearly fainted. However, within 3 years, she is a fitness influencer with 176,000 followers on Instagram.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Her 2017 diagnosis is linked to weight gain and hormone imbalances that make it difficult to shed pounds. This is the primary reason why Gianna chose to undergo gastric-sleeve surgery. She says that the surgery cut a part of her stomach out to make her less hungry. As a result, she was 120 pounds lighter in just two years. She went on to showcase her ‘health journey’ on Instagram and YouTube. However, the road has been quite bumpy for her. She wants to influence and inspire people to live their best lives and feel confident in their own skin. She doesn’t want people to think it is easy, because it isn’t.

Psychological Evaluation and Strict Diets

In months leading to her surgery, she faced various evaluations and had an all-liquid diet. She still believes she has a long way to go when it comes to self-acceptance. She surely will be taken seriously with her new social media presence.

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