It’s Kanye West Or The Kids! Angeline Jolie Give Brad Pitt An Ultimatum


Angelina Jolie has been a great mother so far. But what she did now, seems a little off.

Tells Brad Pitt To Stay Away From Kanye

Apparently the Hollywood royal does not approve of the Kardashians. Reportedly, she has given her ex-husband and ultimatum. The situation really looks like either Kanye or The Kids. She really wants Pitt to end his budding relationship with the rapper.  She does not want her kids to be near the Kardashian family at any cost. Angelina does not approve of the families political or other views. She vehemently wants to stay away from them.

West’s Sunday Services

The 55-year-old Brad Pitt was enjoying his time at Kanye’s Sunday services. He attended the events multiple times in recent weeks. He also publicly stated that he really enjoyed the sermons. “Its a celebration of life and people, It’s really delightful. It really is. I think [Kanye] was doing something really special there.” The actor said.

Left, Kanye West preaching for his church. Right, Brad Pitt attending a film premiere. Inset, Angelina Jolie.

However, Angelina does not supper this at all. During their messy divorce and custody battle, Brad had to stay away from the kids. Now he is really trying to make up for the lost time. Although Brad knows he can be friends with anyone he doesn’t want to risk it. He is aware that Jolie has the power to mess things up for him.

Brad Is Making Up For Lost Time

Brad is making up the lost time with his kids. Reportedly he has given up movie offers to be a stay at home dad for the kids. When World War Z plans failed Brad was disappointed but it turned out better. This means now he has more time to heal his relationship with Maddox and Pax.

This comes after a very struggling time for Pitt. Things were so bad that he couldn’t be photographed with any of his kids for 900 days. So now he is trying his level best to spend quality time with them. He wants to build upon their newfound interest in sports and motorcycles.

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