A 1-Year-Old Baby Was Tortured And Murdered By The Mother And Her Boyfriend, Faces Serious Charges.


An autopsy had revealed that a mother and her boyfriend had reportedly tortured and murdered their child. The baby was known to have sustained 89 injuries which were quite serious. There was a report of intentional rape and drowning. However, the Mother and the boyfriend denied this ever happening. However, the couple is to be charged with multiple allegations.

The Family’s Murder Connection

The police say that it was the victim, Hoss Wayne Benham’s birthday, who had just turned 1. The mother, Crystal Ballenger, and her boyfriend, Jeffrey Hugh Brown were reported to have killed their son. Hoss had sustained 38 head, a few neck injuries by blunt force trauma, along with four injuries in his eyes, 19 in his arms, legs, six in his torso and seven in his anus. The baby was then drowned to death in a mobile home in Cullman, Alabama.

Medical Examinations

The mother and her boyfriend were charged with capital murder. But Jeffrey Brown’s trial was postponed to a later date in August. The couple had taken the baby to the hospital after the drowning but denied being the culprits. The medical examiners had said that Hoss had tortured and was also raped at some point.

The Charged Faced And Latest News

Jeffrey Hugh Brown and Crystal Ballenger will be facing multiple charges and even maybe life imprisonment. Jeffery is supposed to face a few jurors the same month. The trial is expected to happen before September. However, charges have been put on them in October 2015. A prosecutor, Wilson Blaylock also said that it was sad that Hoss had to go through this torture and pain. It was for over 36 hours and that too on his birthday.

Over the trial period, it was said that the couple might even face execution. Some reports of drugs have also been reported after the murder of Hoss. The couple is currently being tested for a trace of methamphetamine. So far the reason for the murder is not yet known, but the investigation is in place. Further evidence is yet to be recovered and more trials of the couple are to be put in place.


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