Rapper Soulja Boy Confirms Up To His Wild Frauds: ‘I Was Continually Tricking Individuals’


Recently, If the spring of 2018 brought the USA “Grifter Season,” the summer of 2019 publicized the increase of scam rap: a Detroit-based movement whose stars rap brazenly regarding MasterCard felony or identity fraud, whereas namechecking bitcoin, VPNs, and Tor.

However, those cultural moments had nothing on the primary 1/2 2007. Wherever grifters giant and tiny were thriving: Bernie Madoff was “investing” cash for the likes of Kevin Bacon and Zsa Zsa Gabor; subprime mortgage lenders offered unbelievable loans; and, for a short moment in might, any LimeWire user trying to find a high forty track ran the danger of downloading one thing else: a snap single referred to as “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” by Soulja Boy Tell’em.

The prank came from the mind of a 16-year-old named DeAndre Hernando Cortes means. Means was on-line in Batesville, Mississippi, tinkering with the peer-to-peer file sharing service. He’d eye widespread downloads and transfer his own songs underneath an equivalent name.

Soulja Talks Big, Reveals Everything

Moreover, “I was on LimeWire, and that I was like, shit, I’m aiming to increase my song,” Soulja Boy told Maine from his creator trailer once a show at exhausting Summer, a music competition command at associate off-season Nascar track in Fontana, California. “I’d place it on there, however modification the title in order that they clicked on that.

I simply take a name—Britney Spears, 50 Cent, Michael Jackson—anything that was on the radio, something individuals needed to listen to at the time. I’d simply transfer it and alter the title. Once I did that, it simply started obtaining numerous downloads. it had been thus quick, like long.”

The Real Untold Story of Soulja

At this time, Soulja Boy’s origin story has become an important report in on-line lore. By could of 2007, “Crank That” wormed its means onto the airwaves and got him signed to Interscope Records; it went on to pay seven weeks at the highest of the hoarding Hot 100; it pioneered the microorganism dance challenge; and in 2008, became the primary yank song to sell three million digital copies.


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