Jeannie Mai’s Love For Jeezy “The Most Beautiful Experience”; Spills Tea About Relationship


Jeannie has some details to soil about her relationship and you might justify call her very lucky.

Jeannie’s Beautiful Romance

For the first time since going public with their romance, Jeannie Mai is spilling the tea about her romantic life. She had been in a relationship with Jeezy, 41. The couple has been quietly going on since 2018 and ultimately went public in August.

They made their first public appearance at Atlanta’s Snoball Gala. On the season premiere of The Actual on September 16, the 41-year-old panelist talked about their relationship. “I need to tell you getting to know J — you guys know him as Jeezy, he’s J to Me — has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.”, she said. Jeannie gushed how he was introspective, passionate, deep and visionary. She also said that he did great services for the community.

Deepness Is What She Craved

“What’s crazy is that the items that I’ve been criticized for my whole life and in my past relationships — ‘Jeannie, you’re too deep, you think that concerning things an excessive amount of — like why’s everything gotta have a purpose?’” she explicit. She further explains how she wanted to have deep conversations with people. “and I found my equal,” she concluded to cheers from the viewers and her co-hosts.

The 2 met on the set of The Actual, final Nov and Jeannie says she “really got to know him after their initial date.” She disclosed that she met up with him at a sushi restaurant. This is where she first found out his official name that is Jay Wayne Jenkins. She also revealed that she shared vulnerable moments with him. They had a very deep conversation about life and it’s lessons.

The Date Goes On

Jeezy then took her salsa dancing because he didn’t want the date to end. She also disclosed an awkward moment that followed the dance. Jeezy put his hands in her shoulders. At that moment she prayed he didn’t kiss her because she didn’t want their date to be regular. Jeannie then revealed something surprising. He goes, “Can I provide you with a school assignment?’…I need you to think about the last eight hours we spend together.” 

Who is Jeannie Mai?

Jeannie Camtu Mai is an American Television star who is best known for How do I look? She is also a coveted fashion stylist. Jeezy is an American rapper and actor. His major-label debut, Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 was certified platinum. He is known to bring trap music into the mainstream.


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