Hailey Baldwin Had A Major Inferior Complex, When She Compares Herself To Kendall And Gigi Hadid


It seems like even celebrities at times go through phrases of insecurity. Recently, Hailey Baldwin talked about her insecurities and compares herself with other supermodels. Twenty-two years old Hailey Baldwin fearlessly opened up about a time she struggled with doubting herself. Moreover, she talks about her modelling career, in a new interview for her cover story.

Hailey Thought She Was Not Good Enough For Modelling

Furthermore, the blonde beauty revealed that she’s inspiring many girls around the world now. Her rise to the top as a model hasn’t been a pathway of roses. She struggled in this world due to certain physical differences She said she was not like other models like Kendall Jenner 23, and Gigi Hadid 24, who are both her friends. Hailey further talks about some of her physical attributes led to her inferiority complex.

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First of all, Hailey talks about her height. Although she is five foot eight still she was considered shorter than other Runaway models. As a result, she used to feel like she does not belong in the modelling industry.

Going Through a Phrase Of Insecurity And Restrictions! 

Due to all these many casting directors used to tell her that she is not going to be a real model. Maybe that’s why Hailey felt like she does not belong to the world of Runaway. She said that one the point she became highly sceptical.
She doubted and thought whether she even has a chance with all these restrictions and insecurities.

Now Hailey says she is in a better place and consequently has found a huge career in the world of modelling. She has even done several campaigns and major photoshoots with big names like Versace and Off- White.

Hence as of now, Hailey talks about her success and how she has come a long way. She is happily married to pop star Justin Bieber. According to her, “Sometimes I feel like I’m still finding my lane, but now I know I’m going in the right direction.”She seems to be in her own lane. She does not look short in photos anymore and is quite happy with her growth.


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