Britney Spears Mental Break Down Yet Again, After Losing Kids Custody, Even Divorce Claims Are Not In Her Favor

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On September 9, Britney Spears was appointed with a new conservatory, Jodi Montgomery. Reports say Jamie Spears had requested for the conservatorship for his daughter. However, nothing seems to work well for Britney, as her care manager goes through a divorce.

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Her father cum previous conservator backs down

Owing to physical conditions, Jamie Spears stepped down as Britney’s conservator. Some secret investigation group revealed that Jamie was also caught up in a domestic violence case against grandson Sean Preston. Preston is 13 years old.

Sean Preston is Britney Spears’ son with ex-husband, Kevin Federline. Jamie is also forbidden from meeting Britney’s other son, Jayden James. Jayden is 12 years old.

Montgomery in a divorce battle

Amidst this and her own mental health issues, her new temporary caretaker goes through a separation. Jodi filed for a divorce with her spouse and business partner, Jack Montgomery in June. Working as the principal, Jodi co-owns a firm named Pais Montgomery Fiduciary in Pasadena, California.

In spite of their break off, the firm still lists them as partners and principals. Nonetheless, it is still unclear whether they will remain business-partners after they fall apart.

Duties of Jodi Montgomery

Mentioning duties, Jodi’s include monitoring every visitor that wishes to meet. It excludes the power to restrict Britney from meeting her attorney, Mr. Ingham.

Judge Brenda discussed in the court order, “The Temporary Conservator shall have the power to restrict or limit visitors by any means, provided that the Temporary Conservator shall not prevent the Conservatee from meeting with her court-appointed attorney, Ingham, except approving the location for any meetings or visits in advance of any such meetings or visits, and to arrange for appropriate security, in order to protect the Conservatee.”

The end date of the brief conservatorship

Montgomery’s conservatorship, which is temporary, will end on January 31, 2020. However, we can’t be sure because it could get extended due to pending cases against Jamie. Montgomery has been appointed to manage Britney’s assets which total $215 million.

Nevertheless, most likely it is going to be easier for Montgomery for she has been handling Britney’s affairs since a year as her care manager. “The responsibilities we undertake are tremendous because of the considerable trust that others place in us to manage and optimize their financial assets, protect their health, safety, and quality of life,” states her online firm’s website.


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