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Mother’s Boyfriend Raped 2-Year-Old Toddler, Punched Her And When Nothing Worked, Burned The Baby In Hot Water

A young 2-year-old toddler was raped, tortured, and killed by the mother’s boyfriend in Trenton, New Jersey.

The man, Maison Andres Torres, would remain in jail pending the murder trial. A judge made this ruling on Thursday, during the hearing.

What Happened During The Hearing?

During the hearing, the assistant prosecutor recited the horrific details of the final moments of the little toddler, Lia Victoria Merino-Rodriguez. The details were provided by Torress to the investigators. The prosecutors said that he moved into his girlfriend’s home 2 weeks after they started dating. He killed the toddler a month later.

According to the prosecutors, Torress burned the baby in hot water. He then punched her and suffocated her to death. He had been babysitting the toddler while the mother was out. He initially claimed that the toddler fell down the stairs while playing.

How Did He Get Caught?

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While he was torturing the toddler, a neighbor named Oscar Martínez heard the shrieks coming from down the block as he was returning home from work. He rushed to the house to see a baby screaming in pain. He narrated to WCAU-TV that he saw 6 bruises on her face. Torres was then arrested for by the officials for murder, sexual assault, child endangerment, etc.

Why Did Torres Do Such A Nightmarish Thing?

During a taped interview Torres admitted that he woke up in a bad mood that day. He was angry and exasperated that day. So this man then took the toddler to the bathroom and put her in the tub and proceeded to pour bucket after bucket of scalding hot water on her.

The prosecutor said that as the child screamed in pain he poured more water on her. He also said that Torres then took the child to the bedroom and started punching her body and face. When the toddler started fighting back he suffocated her with his hands.

How Does Rape Come In After All This?

He was not initially accused of rape. His initial charges were murder and torture. Rape was later added to this list of charges after an autopsy revealed injuries to her genitals.

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