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An 8-Week-Old Baby Was Found Dead With Broken Bones; Criminals Disappeared

When people say that the world today us not as we know it, they are absolutely right. There are a sinister feeling, activity and secret lurking about everywhere and it quite true that it’s not possible to trust anyone nowadays. Another disturbing piece of news has surfaced recently has strengthened our acceptance of this belief. According to the sources, a baby girl who was merely 8-weeks-old was found with broken bones and dead at an abandoned house.

Who had committed such a hideous crime? Have they been identified and arrested?

Well, according to the sources, a couple had been arrested on the basis of bodily harm on May 3rd, 2019. The man was about 24 years old and his partner was a 21-year old woman. After a thorough post-mortem examination,  most of which are results have still not been revealed, the couple was arrested on suspicion of murder. However, as we got to know later from a Met Police spokesperson, the couple will be released on bail to a daye in mid-October.

Here are some more exclusive details that were leaked about the case :

According to the autopsy report, the baby girl was found dead on the spot. Even though the house was clearly the place where the crime had taken place, there was no particular evidence which could help the investigators. In fact, the couple captured right now have still not been brought in front of the court. Basically the investigations are still going on. Detective Chief Inspector John Massey will lead officers from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command in their investigation. This hideous crime had taken place on the 26th of April 2019 in an unresponsive house of South London.

The public, especially the neighbors, are absolutely outraged about this brutal killing. However, nobody has been able to give any particularly productive lead as such.

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As outrageous and horrifying this case may be, it definitely is not one of its kinds. According to the statistics, an average of 68 kids is murdered brutally in the UK. These stats are according to the last 5 years. We hope that justice will be served soon.

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