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After Zayn Malik, Tyler Cameron Also Wants To Come Closer To Gigi Hadid’s Apartment! And That Too After Just 1 Month Of Dating

The lovebirds are taking things to the next level and shaping up to be more than a summer fling. They aren’t moving in together, but they are definitely moving closer. The model has been lending a hand to the Bachelorette alum’s process of the house-hunting.  Since their first date on 4th August, at Soho House in Brooklyn, she is finding apartments for Tyler in NYC. Their relationship is definitely not slowing down. Is Tyler Cameron really relying on Hadid’s help for shelter?

Gigi Hadid

The Total Package

Things between Gigi Hadid and Tyler are really heating up and they seem to be the ‘total package’. They see each other multiple times a week and text each other all day long. Even if they haven’t confirmed their relationship, they are definitely going to make it official anytime soon. They have been pretty casual with the paparazzi. They are at ease with being spotted at several places together. Even during the New York Fashion Week, there was no fooling us, it was a secret date! They walked the red carpets and arrived separately but everyone knew what was going on.

TiGi is exclusive now!

The couple is taking their romance on the day at a time. The talk about the future hasn’t really happened yet. They are just going with the flow. However, the two have a spark and love being around each other. Apart from having fun together, they are also exclusive now. They aren’t dating other people even though they haven’t had the ‘talk’ yet.

September 7, 2019

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Now, this date marks an important turning point in their relationship. They flew to Netherlands together. Tyler was there to support Gigi at her grandmother’s funeral.  He had his arm wrapped around her and was consoling her. In a lot of family pictures, the couple is also seen smiling at each other. However, she only spoke about her grandmother on her social media handles and not her new boyfriend. Inviting him to such a private and emotional gathering seems to be a huge and unbelievable step for Gigi Hadid. The bachelor nation is truly excited about the couple’s relationship and where it is seemingly going.

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