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Man Executed By Lethal Injection For Murdering An Old Woman, His Last Words Were Nothing But Apologies To The Family

A death row inmate in Texas was executed by lethal injection. As punishment for the murder of a 61-year-old woman. In her home- despite the lawyers arguing that he should be considered intellectually disabled.

Burglary followed by murder

Mark Anthony Soliz was pronounced guilty of shooting Nancy Weatherland dead. While burgling her home during an eight-day crime spree in the Fort Worth area. The 37-year-old inmate was given a lethal injection at the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville on Tuesday after he was allowed to give a five-minute final statement, watched by his victim’s son and daughter-in-law.

Crimes committed by Soliz

At the trial, prosecutors informed that Soliz and another man, Jose Ramos committed a minimum of 13 crimes in the Fort Worth area over the period of eight days. After shooting a delivery man early in the morning, the duo drove their stolen car to the Weatherland’s home. The prosecutors added that the duo entered the house and stole a television, mobile phones and credit cards at gunpoint. The late victim is believed to have begged for her life and pleaded with Soliz to not take her dead mother’s old jewelry before being shot in the back of her head.

Soliz’s last words

Before bring executed, Soliz thanked his victim’s family for coming to see him and giving him a chance to speak with them. He apologized for the wrong decisions he had made in the past. And said that he hoped that his passing would help relieve the pain and suffering he had caused to the Weatherland family.

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“I’m just glad I got the chance to speak to y’all”.

Shortly after Soliz was ready, the lethal injection was administered in his body, he gasped, snorted and appeared to have fallen asleep. After 18 minutes, he was pronounced dead.

Execution of criminals in the US

Soliz was America’s 15th death row inmate to be executed. This year despite of his lawyers arguing that he should be disqualified from the death. Row given his low IQ and medical issues. US Supreme Court banned the execution of mentally disabled people in 2002. But allowed some states discretion over how they define mental and intellectual disability.

More than 70% countries in the world have stopped the practice of execution. Of criminals and the US is the only G7 country to retain the practice. After the execution of Soliz, Sister Helen Prejean, a campaigner against the death penalty asked people to keep both the victim’s and the criminal’s family in their thoughts. She added,“People are worth more than the worst thing they’ve ever done”.

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