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Caitlyn Jenner Jokes About How She Retired Her “Penis” Despite Cutting It Off

Caitlyn Jenner joked about how she didn’t cut off her penis but just retired it on Comedy Central.

The Background 

Caitlyn came out as a trans woman in 2017. She then got a gender reassignment surgery. She has spent years fighting for and defending the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Fuss About the That Clip From Comedy Central

The main point of this clip is that Caitlyn is comfortable enough in her skin to make jokes about her penis. The 69-year-old, when discussing her appendage commented that she did not cut it off but just retired it.

She then went on to brag that she created the self-made billionaire, Kylie Jenner. As well as the highest-paid model in the world, Kendall Jenner.

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She also pointed out that she “raised 10 children” and that she was “coming up on 20 grandchildren” as well. So what more could the audience ask for?

Did She Own Her Celebrity Roasters? 

Yes, she most definitely did manage to subtly poke at her fellow celebrities who roasted her for cutting off her Penis. She called their comments and jokes silly. She stood up for herself and everyone loves her for that.

Does She Still Get Mixed Up in Rumors?

If you are an important person or a celebrity, rumors are unavoidable. Caitlyn can’t avoid it even if she wants to. Soon after she got her reassignment surgery done, rumors were flying around that she was going to de-transition from female back to male.

The media claimed that it was one of her friends that mentioned that she may go back to being Bruce Jenner. However, Caitlyn was quick to calm the fires and straight out denied it. She said, “Of course it’s not true.” She also said that the claims were “idiotic.”

Ian Halperin, who wrote a book on the Kardashians, claimed that he had gotten word from many “sources” that Caitlyn was experiencing “regret.” The author thought that she would “detransition” in the next couple of years. Too bad for Ian, it did not come true. We all now know just how comfortable Caitlyn is with her identity.


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