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Tekashi 6ix9ine Raped His Baby Mama, Left Her Bloody And Battered. Admits Domestic Abuse.

Tekashi69 is already in jail for his alleged Racketeering. He was also a part of one of the most violent gangs in NewYork, the Nine Trey. Now he has admitted to committing Domestic Violence!

Raped and Beat His Baby Mama

Several months ago, Sara Molina the mother of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s daughter gave a chilling interview. She alleged that her former partner abused her repeatedly. She said that he would often leave her bloody and Battered.

Moreover, One of the most gruesome incidents took place when the couple was in Dubai. Tekashi allegedly raped Sara and left her with blood and bruises on the face.  Sources say that Tekashi has admitted to these crimes in his talks with the feds.

Tekashi’s Cooperate Agreement

In his talks with the feds, Tekashi submitted a cooperate agreement report. The report submitted to the government contains a lot of information. It also includes information about various acts of domestic violence that Tekashi commutes from 2011 to 2018. Some incidents match Saras Allegations. This document consists of the crimes that the government has promised not to punish Tekashi for. But isn’t that problematic?

Why is Tekashi 69 in Jail?

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Tekashi was arrested in November under racketeering and firearms charges. He faces allegations stemming from his involvement in the notorious Nine Trey Gang’s activities and unreported robbery. Previously he publicly identified himself to be a part of this gang. He faces a minimum sentence of 32  years and a maximum of a life sentence in prison.

9 Trey Gang is a violent group of people situated in New York. The prosecutors informed the court that this gang was known for carrying out acts of murder, robbery and drug trafficking in Brooklyn and surrounding areas since around 2013. The rule of this gang states that each member is supposed to carry out at least two illegal acts. Considering Tekashi publicly stated that he was a part, it fairly makes us assume that he took part in such activities.

Will He ever get Bailed?

Although, His latest plea for release was rejected by the court. He offered to pay more than a million dollars and turn in his passport. Currently, he is having talks with the government to reduce his punishment. He will next take the stand on September 17. However, the date may be preponed considering how much time it takes for the jury to decide the punishment.

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