Secret To Long Life Is Abstinence And Drinking Irish Beer, Claim 95 Year Old Tripton Twins.

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While the entire world run after miraculous scientific discoveries to increase their lifelines, the Tipton sisters suggest otherwise. The 95-year-old ladies have recently revealed their secret to ITV’s “This Morning” show. They claimed that abstinence from the pleasures of the skin and Irish beer Guinness has caused the longevity that they enjoy. The identical twins have joined Facebook and Instagram, where they post several cute updates from their daily lives.

About the Tripton Twins

Lilian “Lil” Cox and Doris Hobday are identical twins. They were born in 1924 in Birmingham, UK. They are live adjacent to each other in the Tipton neighborhood. On July 20th of this year, they became grand 95 year old. They posted an update on Instagram on their birthday. The post showed Joe Longthorne performing for their birthday bash. The legend soon passed away on August 3. The twins claimed in their post that they will always hold the photograph close to their heart.

Why the abstinence?

When the twins were questioned why they have abstained from sex, they claimed to not have married. The twins believe in the marketing slogan “Guinness is Good for You” to sell the beer brand. Moreover, the twins keep a pretty active lifestyle at their age. However, they share an intense love for the English actor Jason Statham. Moreover, Lillian Cox also carries a photo of the actor with her. The feisty grandmas dream to spend one night with the star, which they revealed in a Facebook video.

Old, but not the oldest

Although the Tripton Twins have lived a long life, they are younger than the oldest people on Earth. The oldest woman who ever lived was Jeanne Calment of France who lived to the age of 122 years. The oldest man was 116 years old Jiroemon Kimura of Japan. Kane Tanaka of Japan of Japan is the oldest living woman with a age of 116 years. Germany’s Gustav Gerneth is the oldest man alive at 113 years as recorded today. In conclusion, although the Tripton sisters are not the oldest on Earth, these Guinness guzzling grannies are definitely the sassiest old ladies on Earth.

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