Man Gives Birth To Son, Cries About Struggles On Gender Identity

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Freddy McConnell is a regular father with a unique story. His journey of fatherhood is much different from any Dick Tom Harry. He brought his beautiful blue-eyed baby boy to the world himself. Read on, for further details.

Freddy’s Bundle Of Joy

The 32-year-old Freddy McConnell is transgender. He was born a woman with female reproductive organs. He had transitioned into a man, but he still wanted to have his baby.

Therefore, he kept his womb, thinking one day he might want to bring his own bundle of joy and show him the light of day. He fell pregnant in 2017 with the aid of a sperm donor. He gave birth to a healthy boy last year. Before that, he kept his baby for nine months in his womb.

He recently featured in a documentary, the title being Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth. This is to be aired soon. The documentary showcases Freddy’s journey. How he went from the news of a positive pregnancy to giving birth.

McConnell’s Account

“What I feel like I’m going through isn’t me having a baby, or pregnancy, it’s like a much more fundamental, total loss of myself” is what Freddy quotes in the documentary.

Like millions of women, he also developed a baby bump. His jeans got too tight. During that, he was at a complete loss of his self.

The entire process is a very important thing for him because it was his childhood dream to be a parent. To have a child, and have a family. And fortunately came for him, it came true. He was brought up in a conservative set up.

A video came to life of Freddy as a toddler. He was a girl then, in a patterned dress and a bob cut. He walked around and was called a “good girl” by his folks.

Esme Chilton, his mom was his confidante about his gender. The man from England has had a rough time all through his life. Not just from the people, but from within, he had face intricate issues without any solution. “I don’t like the idea that I’ve got f***ing tampons in my bag,” he says, sobbing.

The pregnancy was one of the bravest things that anyone could do ever. Vague assumptions were made about him while pregnant. But he fought through it. And now he looks happy as he cradles his son.

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