Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Actors Have Matured Like Fine Wine In 29 Years, The Banks Sisters Are Still A 90s Crush.


Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was one of 90s favourite sitcom, more so because it gave us Will Smith. The show which aired between 1990-96 has six seasons in total. This family sitcom also gave us two beautiful actresses, Karyn Parsons, And Tatyana Ali. They played sisters in the series. These two ladies became instant crushes for many when the show aired. Now 29 years later, they still remain as charming as ever.

The premise of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The name of this series was taken from Will Smith’s stage name as a rapper ‘The Fresh Prince’. The show’s storyline was adapted from the life experiences of the show’s producer Benny Medina and produced by NBC Productions. The series wanted to showcase the prejudices within the Black community for economic class differences. It told the story of a teenager ( Will Smith) moving from the poorer neighborhood of West Philadelphia to the affluent Bel Air, Los Angeles. The series showed how Smith’s working-class mindset stood out in the high society life of his uncle and aunt in LA. As the series progressed, the characters were seen struggling with issues of children growing up and empty nests.

The pilot episode had been aired in September of 1990. The show finale aired in May of 1996. The show had won many awards for the young actors. It also got nominated for Emmy and Golden Globes.

Where are the characters now?

Among the main characters of the show, Will Smith turned into the mature actor that we know today. Tatyana Ali is still as gorgeous and is a hands-on mother nowadays. She has done several Hallmark Channel and Lifetime movies. Her older sister in the sitcom, Karyn Parsons is an author these days. She has penned a coming of age novel ‘How High The Moon’. She has also produced a series called ‘Sweet Blackberry’. The series shares the tales of unsung black heroes of history. Their co-star John Wesley, who played Dr. Hoover on the show passed away on September 9. He had been battling cancer at the age of 72 years.

Although most of the shows original cast members went ahead to different acting ventures, they will always be remembered for their roles in the famous sitcom.


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