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Bradley Cooper Is Yet Again Romantically Paired With Someone, But Not Lady Gaga This Time

Ever since she split with husband Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie’s name has been tagged with many A-list stars. And mind you, all of them were long shots by cheap tabloids. The lastest one is Angelina dating Bradley Cooper.

Let us decipher the meaning of the rumour floating for the longest time.

Actual Truth

The one person who this rumour is supposed to allegedly affect the most is Lady Gaga. The co-stars of the ‘A Star Is Born’ were reportedly dating.

However, this rumour about the ‘Maleficent’ actress and Cooper escalated baseless talks. Although, this too is pretty baseless. The rumours started when Jolie and Cooper were allegedly spotted in Disneyland together with the ‘Hangover’ star’s two-year-old. A magazine held another magazine, which can’t be named, accountable for the rumours.

The particular publication went ahead to explain the Disneyland episode. Mrs Smith was with her children. When she saw Cooper with his children, she was impressed. Such ridiculous grapevines are the basis of the rumour.

It also mentions that Angelina could not stop thinking about Bradley Cooper ever since. Furthermore, the magazine portrayed that the only thing Jolie wishes for is to date, Bradley Cooper!

Angelina’s Ulterior Motive

The magazine also claimed that Angelina wanted Bradley so bad, just to give the taste of revenge to her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Cooper and Pitt are fast friends. So this is would be her way to come back to Mr Smith. Really? Also, Bradley dated Jennifer Aniston, who is the ex-wife of Brad Pitt.

“When it comes to revenge, you don’t get much better than hooking up with an ex-husband’s close friend,” said an unnamed source to the third-grade magazine with highly sensationalised content.

People have looked into the matter and no notable evidence has been found to prove the ground of the rumour. Moreover, the two actors, Bradley Cooper and Angelina Jolie, were not photographed together in Disneyland. There is literally no solid, material, rational matter to suggest that the actors ever thought of getting together, to say the least.

Cooper and Jolie are presently busy in their own careers. The ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ actor is preparing to direct and star in the upcoming Leonard Bernstein biopic, while the glamorous Angelina Jolie is working on her first MCU film, “The Eternals.”

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