An Update On All The Cases Going On Against A$AP Rocky.

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Rapper accused of assault after Stockholm Brawl

US rapper ASAP Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, wasfound guilty of assault during a Stockholm fight and given a two-year suspension sentence. Two members of  his retinue, Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers, were held accountable for the same charge. They denied the accusations calling it a result of self-defence and provocation. The court said the victim of the assault, a 19-year-old refugee, was awarded damages for what the court described as the violation of his integrity and for pain and suffering. The rapper had to cancel numerous festival appearances because of his custody-timing.

Rumors About A$AP Rocky’s Prison Condition

Around the second week of July when it was just announced that the rapper would be kept in custody for atleast two more weeks, rumors were widespread about how inhumane the condition of prison was where the rapper was being held.

The Kronoberg authorities denied the claims marking that there have been recent refurbishments which makes the cell decent and all the prison inmates had access to Television and bed.

Donald Trump’s involvement with the assault case of A$AP Rocky

Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant about Sweden not freeing A$AP Rocky from jail after he intervened. People on Twitter called him a hypocrite for not freeing migrant children in the U.S. Some tweets even said that Trump saying #FreeRocky on twitter as the President will go down as one of the more random historical moments in American history.

ASAP Rocky found guilty of assault but spared jail in Swedish trial

The rapper was shortly released from jail after social media breakout and it was announced that his final verdict would be out on the 14th of August.

Even though the Rap artist ASAP Rocky had been convicted of assault in Sweden, he did not serve additional time in jail. Rocky was allowed to leave Sweden pending the verdict, which many observers took as a sign that he would not be further incarcerated.  He almost immediately resumed touring.

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