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A$AP ROCKY: The American Rapper Behind The Swedish Bars And Why Are Famous Celebrities Like KENDALL JENNER, JUSTIN BIEBER Signing A Petition To Free Him.

The year 2019 might not be a great year for American rapper A$AP Rocky. As the rapper was arrested on July 3rd in Sweden. Over an assault case which happened at the country’s capital Stockholm. The rapper was present in the country to perform at the Smash Festival. A few days later in a street of Stockholm Near the Max Burger chain a violent incident took place in which Asap Rocky, his entourage- Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers and two men were involved.

It is said that Asap rocky along with his two entourage attacked the other two men.

On 5th of July the Swedish Police and other authorities detained Asap Rocky for two weeks which hampered the rapper’s work commitments. The rapper was said to go out on a tour in the United Kingdom and perform at the Longitude Festival in Dublin and the Wireless Festival in London. Further arrangements were made to the schedule of both the Festivals as Asap Rocky’s performance was due it was later replaced by other artists like- J-Hus and Rae Sremmurd(Wireless Festival),Ski Mask The Slump God Fills(Longitude Festival).

Kronoberg Remand prison were Asap has been held

is said to be having “inhumane” conditions inside it ,as many unnamed sources claimed. The Swedish Authorities denied the allegations of the prison. Being called as “inhumane” the authorities said that the prison. Is in good condition and the inmates have an access to a bed and a tv. Asap Rocky’s representative said that the rapper is being held in solitary confinement. On 19th of July it was reported that the rapper is becoming a victim of racism as in 2018 G-Eazy was held in Sweden for assault, possession of drugs and use of Narcotics. But after a day and a half he was released after being found guilty. G-Eazy was sentenced to probation and was given $10 K fine.G-Eazy said the reason he was left early because of “White privilege”. Soon after this hashtags like #JusticeForRocky and #FreeRocky started doing rounds on the internet.

Famous Celebrities Like-Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner,

However, Justin Bieber etc started signing petitions. On different social media Platforms like- Instagram and Twitter to free Asap Rocky from Swedish Bars. Although, More hashtags like #FreedomForRocky started to appear. After two weeks from the case Donald Trump, President of the United States started reacting on Twitter. He expressed his rage at the Swedish officials and asked them to free the rapper. On 22nd July. The alleged Victim who was being investigated at the same time as Asap Rocky has his case closed. Asap’s Mother Renee Black attended his Son’s Trial in Stockholm on 24th of July she expressed concerns over her son’s matter.

The Swedish Police

A day later Swedish Police formally charged Asap Rocky of being involved in the assault. Asap Rocky’s case has a lot of Media involvement and Fan interests. His trial was delayed because of these reasons.

As of 30th July Asap attended the Swedish court but was not found guilty. He was freed to go home on 2nd August 2019 he described his experience in the Swedish bars as “Difficult and Humbling”. Moreover, The rapper shared an Instagram post of himself thanking his supporters and fans for being with him. The rapper performed on the Real Street Festival in California almost after a month behind the Swedish Bars.

As of 14th August,2019 the Swedish Authorities. And Court claimed that the rapper is found guilty of his misdeed and his involvement in the assault. The accused were said to be at a vulnerable position at the time of assault as per reports from the Swedish court.

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