Man Files A False Case Regarding Missing Wife, But Home CCTV’s Shows He Murdered Her

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A man in San Antonio has believed to have lied to police investigators regarding his wife going missing. Certain evidence shows that he intentionally shut off his cameras late at night for murderous reasons and turned it back on again. Police believe he could be the murderer and they have arrested him for questioning.

The Family And The Dispute

Reyes Gallegos is the husband of the missing woman Cecilia Gallegos and the mother of 4 kids. Reyes recently reported that he and his wife had a dispute, while wife tried to stab him with a knife. He said that when he woke up on July 8th, she was missing from the house and he had filed a missing report. The family resided at 56 22 South Wit Road. However, the wife Cecilia came home from work the previous day on the 7th of July and everything seemed to be normal.

The CCTV Footage Of The House

The San Antonio Police department immediately put this case into the process but made a bizarre discovery at the home security system. When the wife came back home from work, she had gone into her bedroom but she never walked out and that was the last they saw of her. It was also said that the CCTV cameras were shut off at exactly 2 am on the night of her disappearance, and it was turned back on 2 hours later.

The Investigation And The Husband’s Arrest

When the husband, Reyes went to report the missing case, he told them about his wife’s dispute but this was never caught on any camera in the house. Reyes also showed the police a scratch mark on his chest by proving his wife stabbed him. The footage also showed that the father never allowed any of his go into the mother’s bedroom.

Further evidence and footage show that Reyes left the house in the morning in a white Chevy Tahoe and came back with a chainsaw, a shovel, trash bag, and some cleaning supplies. He was also doused in his own sweat at the moment but later took a shower and called the police to report the missing case.

He is currently out on bail, but police are bringing in a further investigation to turn him in and prove that he could be the reason for the death of his wife.

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