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Three World Animal Species Declared Extinct Due To Desertification.

We all can agree with the fact that human actions are the ones highly responsible for the effects of climate change. However, the threat of extinction is also not just coming from humans alone. Analysts at the Conference of Parties have said to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD COP 14) that three major and majestic animal species are now extinct in India. Furthermore, it’s all due to desertification. It causes fertile land to degrade significantly due to improper agricultural practices and deforestation.

These extinct species include The Indian Cheetah, Great Indian Bustard, and pink-headed duck. All of these species were majorly found in our country before. However,  they have now officially been declared extinct in India. Furthermore, more than 150 other species are quickly gliding their way to extinction. these species are categorized as critically endangered.


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“We have a database of more than 5.6 million specimens. They are collected from all over the country and also from the neighboring countries before independence,” Kailash Chandra, Director of the Zoological Survey of India, told ANI. “They provide a lot of information about how things have evolved in more than 100 years. If you watch their distribution in geo-special platforms, you’ll get to know how much changes have taken place because of the impact of deforestation and desertification.”


Chandra claims that using insecticides, pesticides, and other chemicals majorly triggered this catastrophic desertification. Other causes are the conversion of forest to agricultural land, industries, and indiscriminate chopping of trees in the name of development. However, this doesn’t mean that development must come to a bold halt. There should be stress made on the need to regulate such practices and minimize the harm done to the environment. He also told that such degradation threatens not only the survival of animals alone but also the survival of humans and other microscopic beings.

“The entire food chain gets affected by this,” says Chandra. He stressed that a lot of India’s land continues to degrade. Furthermore, more than 30 percent of its land resources are affected by over-cultivation, depletion of wetlands, and soil erosion.

Even all the more stressing that India isn’t the just one having aridity issues. Also, a gathering was held in Greater Noida from September 2 to September 13. In excess of 196 nations and 94 environmental clergymen got together to recognize this vital issue. They wanted to work towards saving the earth, particularly in terms and management.

At the gathering a weekend ago, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed a speech. In it, he promised collaboration intending to address climatic change and land corruption. Moreover, other ministers present declared their objectives for land rebuilding soon. They also concurred on approaches to manage dangers like forced relocation, sand and dust storms, dry spells and water emergencies.

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