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18-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Shot To Death For Testifying Against Her Cousin’s Killer.

At times it seems that one needs to pay a pretty heavy price to support the system of justice. Something tragic happened to Kelley. The story will surely send chills down your spine.

What Was The Incident All About? 

Approximately three years ago Treja. A Kelly was walking near her South Side home with her cousin when a man opened fire from a passing car. Fatally striking her cousin. This past June, Kelley, then 18, testified at the trial of her cousin’s accused killer. These helping Cook County prosecutors secure a conviction with substantial evidence. On Sunday night, Kelley was walking around the corner towards her home in the back of Yards neighbourhood. Suddenly a gunman open fired striking her three times in the head and several times in the torso.

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Unfortunately enough she was pregnant and was announced dead at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

How Is The Family Reacting To The Death! 

Kelly’s whole family is still in shock and her grandmother. Said how unfair it is for Kelly as well as the whole family. She further says that she still trust God and maybe he is seeing something that maybe she is failing to see. The family is although unsure whether or not the firing has any connection with the previous action of Kelly testifying and helping the law team bring down her cousin’s killer. She was remembered and the whole neighbourhood bid farewell to her with pink balloons and ribbons and candles. A makeshift memorial was also organised. The balloons were released with a shout of Long Live Treja!

The police detective is looking for some solid video evidence.Tandra Simonton, a spokeswoman for Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office, confirmed Monday night that Kelley had testified in June at the trial of Deonte Davis, who was convicted in the slaying of Kelley’s cousin, Christopher Fields, 17.

There is a slight possibility that this shooting and the previous one are connected and it was more of a vengeance related crime but moreover it can also be a crime that has no connection with the previous one whatsoever.

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