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Boy Chopped Off His Father’s Head & Legs, Just Because His Dad Was Constantly Poking Him For Playing Video Games

PUBG is ruling over the gaming world and Indians are ruling over PUBG. However, everything is not so cool about this. Here’s Why.

PUBG Addiction is Fatal

A tragic incident has struck in the Belagavi district of Karnataka. Reportedly, a 25-year-old man named Raghuveer Kumbar beheaded his 61-year-old father. The victim identified as Shankar Devappa Kumbar had scolded his son for playing the game repeatedly.

Soon, there are was a heated argument between the retired policeman and his son. The argument ended with Raghuveer ending his father’s life He got killed by son. Raghuveer chopped off his father’s head and legs. The police were informed by the neighbors who suspected something fishy.

Police Takes Action

The police arrested Raghuveer soon. They have filed a case against him. A case has been registered against the accused Raghuveer (25), who was addicted to online games like PUBG. His father had repeatedly advised him not to play the game and upset with his father Raghuveer had beheaded Shankar.”, a Belagavi official said.  The investigation is still on.

The Rise Of Violence With PUBG

Many cities in India have banned the Battle Royale game. The national child’s rights commission recommended barring the game for its aggression inducing nature. Police officials have arrested about ten students for playing the game despite the ban. There have been chilling incidents of violence related to the game recently.

PUBG Kills In Reality

This is not the sole incident that points to this serious issue. Recently a young boy dies because of playing the game continuously. He had constant neck pain due to his posture during the gameplay. One day he was rushed to the hospital where it was found that most nerves in his neck were damaged.

Another boy drank acid instead of water because he was too engrossed in the game. This man from Chhindwara was rushed to the hospital where an operation was performed on his intestines. He is out of danger now.

Similarly, fitness trainer lost his mental stability and started hitting himself when he got addicted to the game. He was admitted to the hospital and is Beijing taken care of. Many more such incidents have been reported.

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