Nicki Minaj Previews Hot Pink Fendi Collaboration Right After Her Abrupt Retirement Announcement.


Isn’t Nicki Minaj looking absolutely stunning, post-retirement, in her Fendi drip? There is no mistaking that Nicki Minaj is a Fendi friend. Majority of her iconic looks this year have been designed by the Italian fashion house. She loves rocking some expensive drip. She chooses the most blatant prints that have the logo displayed in a repeated fashion. She is hustling and completing terms of her contracts everywhere. So, is she even a retired rapper? We’re going to keep seeing her rock her Fendi outfits on social media. Stay tuned to find out the recent tease of the looks that she uploaded on Instagram.

Teasing the Fendi look

She does not have her Fendi wig on this time. As far as the stunning designs everywhere else on her body are concerned, she really did come through. She is seen laying back on a pool diving board in her recent upload on Instagram. This is probably one of her hottest looks. While being caressed by a team of male models, she shows off her pink cut-out body suit. In another shot, she is wearing a sparkly form-fitting skirt. She is rocking the skirt with a silver jacket by the pool.

Apology for retirement tweet

Nicki Minaj sent all her fans into panic mode with that abrupt and insensitive retirement tweet. She apologized by saying that she is still right here and madly in love with her fans. She hasn’t backed off from her retirement promise, yet. She has still said that she will discuss it on her Queen Radio show on Apple Music’s “Beats 1”.

Ms. Minaj to Mrs. Pretty

Her devoted fandom, Barbz, has taken the announcement pretty hard. This is why Nicki deleted the original tweet. She responded to her devotees about her hindsight. However, she hasn’t really said that she is totally done with rap. Many are skeptical of the news. Eagle-eyed followers have noticed that she has changed her username from ‘Ms. Minaj’ to ‘Mrs. Petty’ over the summer.

She has been publically musing about whether or not it is time for her to quit music. She had already fed the audience all she could. She is literally on her fifth studio album right now. She has been critical of many musicians and journalists and has been given short shrift in her career. Leaving the game probably is a decision that she feels is very necessary for her.


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