Husband Woke Up From Coma After 5 Years, Fully Aware With Wife’s Intentions For These Many Years.

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A man from China had reportedly woken up after being in a coma for 5 years. According to recent evidence, he had been movement-less since 2013. His wife never seemed to give up and eventually, her hard work paid off and he recovered. Some of the doctors and nurses even said that only because of his wife’s love and care by sitting beside his bed was he able to wake up from this coma.

The Unexpected Coma Recovery

The man, Li Zhihua had been in a traffic accident on the way to work. He was on his scooter and was knocked down by a speeding motorcycle. His doctor, Wan Qing’ an, received him in the hospital and admitted him in a vegetative state. However, doctors and nurses gave his mother and his wife, Zhang Guihuan, aged 57, no hopes for him to live. His wife disagreed with this advice and decided to stay by Li at all times.

His Wife’s Love And Care

She used to attend to him for almost 20 hours a day with just 2 to 3 hours of sleep every day. Due to this situation, Zhang, his wife lost 22 pounds (10 kgs) in the past 5 years. She used to put morsels of food in his mouth and pressed his tongue to make him know that food is going into his mouth and he can eat it. Along with this she used to play music beside him and spoke to him in a loving way. All which helped in his recovery.

The Doctors And Nurses Attending And Help

Along with his wife, the nurses also made sure to give him his medication regularly but they believed that just sustained him and care and company from a loved one were also necessary. The man resided from Xangyang in China’s Hubei province and he woke up from his come during the end of August according to his doctors. They also said that Li, the man was aware of what was happening around him, but he just couldn’t respond to it.

His Wife’s Reaction And The Chinese Media

As soon as he woke up this brought a smile to his wife’s face. The nurses and his wife also made sure to give him a massage at regular intervals as advised by the doctors. This was captured by the Chinese Media according to video evidence.

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