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Gunman On The Run, After Shooting A$AP Rocky’s Swedish Lawyer In The Head.

Henrik Olsson Lilja was shot multiple times at his residence when he came out of his doors. He was a prominent Swedish Lawyer and also represented A$AP Rocky.

The Cruel Attack

The Lawyer stepped out his residence in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, at 9:00 am in the morning and was met with an attacker. There was a brawl between the two. A neighbour reported that Henrik was shot when he was wrestling with the man. He was shot multiple times in the head and chest. The lawyer called the police himself, with a neighbours phone.

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Action is Taken

The attacker fled the crime scene before the police arrived. After shooting Henrik in fled away in a black SUV that was waiting for him. The attacker is still at large.

The paramedics soon arrived and took the victim to the hospital. Lilja is in a serious but stable condition. The police have arrested a woman, also a senior lawyer as the suspect. She had pat connections with Henrik. Several others are being questioned. As of now, the police maintains that this attack doesn’t have anything to do with the previous case. It seems to be a planned murder with some unknown intentions.

Henrik Olsson Lilja

Henrik Olsson Lilja is a Swedish Lawyer who gained media attention when he represented A$AP Rocky in his assault case earlier this year. Lilja studied law at the Stockholm University and worked with firmament before starting up his own. He works exclusively with criminal cases and also teaches lawyers in criminal justice and rhetoric. Sources say, “He is the principal responsible for the law society’s eco-crime education and recurring author in the law society’s referral work.” Lilja is also an expert in the conditional release investigation.

How Is Lilja Associated TRocky’s Case?

The lawyer represented A$AP Rocky in his assault case which was filed over a street brawl on 30th June. A$AP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayer’s was charged with assault of a 19-year-old man, Mustafa Jafari. Soon, Henrik Lilja was replaced by defence attorney Slobodan Jovicic before the trial began.

The rapper was given a suspended sentence of two years and also ordered to pay damages to the victim. However, the defendants which also included Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers, presented a different story.

They claimed that they had acted in self-defence against two men who were continuously following them.

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