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A$AP Rocky’s Life In Danger As A Warning, His Swedish Lawyer Gets Shot In Head And Chest

A$AP Rocky, who’s real name is Rakim Mayers, seems to be a magnet for trouble these days. His close associates seem to be getting in trouble along with him. The latest news of trouble is about the Swedish lawyer who defended Mayers against accusations of assaults. He has been shot multiple times on the morning of September 6 at Stockholm.

Details of the shooting

A$AP Rocky’s lawyer, 50-years old Henrik Olsson Lilja, had been leaving his apartment on Friday morning. While he was inside the building, an unknown man was seen walking up to him. Subsequently, the man wrestled and shot Lilja multiple times on his chest and head. Then the gunman left the scene using a waiting SUV. Lilja then proceeded to call the police from a neighbor’s phone while in an injured state. As a result, police respondents admitted him to a hospital.

Suspects and possible motives

Since the gunman had fled the scene, an immediate arrest could not be made. Even so, a suspected woman has been arrested, who is a senior lawyer with connections to Lilja. The lady was involved in a domestic dispute with Lilja. Police have told reporters that the shooting does not have connections to any other crimes. Lilja has previously worked with clients like Mayers and Qiao Jianjun, who is accused of embezzlement. This incident, however, seems to be an isolated event. Lilja is currently in stable condition and on the path to recovery.

A$AP Rocky’s life not in danger

The recent shooting incident has caused anxiety among A$AP Rocky’s fans all over the world. Lilja had been the immediate lawyer after Mayers’s arrest in Stockholm brawl incident. Lilja had then been replaced by defence lawyer Slobodan Jovicic for the trials.  It can be safely concluded that the shootings had no relation with A$AP Rocky’s case.

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